Riverbeds and Craters

With the titan and the extra 5 gallon container full to the brim, we strike out and drive along dry riverbeds recommended to us by locals, aiming directly for coast. Because water is scarce, all the animals eventually come to the dry riverbeds because of their occasional small pools of water. These are the best places for wild animal sightings, we’re told.

jeep riverbed with water 720x480

Actual water in a river! It didn’t last long

jeep riverbed camping with safety 720x480

Campsite showing the shower hanging off the J30 roof

mountains and riverbed 720x480

The riverbed in the foreground

The landscape is stunning, and the varied terrain keeps me concentrating hard. The surface constantly changes from deep sand to mud to rocks and back to deep sand – in the space of a few hundred yards.

I am utterly speechless when we round a bend to see a herd of wild elephants clustered under a tree seeking the shade. I am in awe of their bulk and how easily they move around in spite of it. I feel so happy to be out here with completely wild elephants – they’re not fenced in and this is not even a National Park.
They just live out here.

elephants dry riverbed 720x480

Elephants on the side of the riverbed

elephants dry riverbed 2 720x480

How close? close.

We continue on for many days and nights, traversing riverbeds and finally across into the lower section of the Namib Desert.
Aiming directly for the coast we drop into the mighty Messum Crater, extremely beautiful and unbelievably remote and rugged.

jeep desert 720x480

There is nobody out here

jeep barren desert 720x480

The extremely barren desert

jeep messum crater edge 720x480

jeep messum crater 720x480

Looking into Messum Crater

messum crater 720x480

Across Messum Crater

As we near the coast, the temperate plummets.
It’s freezing here!

jeep camping namibia 720x480

Another wild camp


4 Responses

  1. Anthony says:

    Will have to look up this crater! I’m wondering if it’s volcanic or extraterrestrial in origin. Stay safe and keep it up!

  2. That’s so remote. If you had a mechanical failure, how long do you think you’d have to wait or walk to get help?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi James,

      That’s a great question. Because of the heat I would probably sit still for a few days and hope for a passing vehicle. If that failed, I would walk at night, rest during the day. Hopefully only a few days of walking…. not certain.


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