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This girl was riding this bike that is way too big for her, with infant sister on her back 4

Back Into Mali

Because of the visa situation and timing, I’m making a run back into Mali to pickup one last visa before I move off again. I cross over at the major border of Pogo, in...

The Jeep showing the scale of the whole basilica

The Basilica of Yamoussoukro

Many Presidents in Africa get a bad rap. Corruption, blatant lying and stealing, and holding onto power for as long as possible, legally or not. They are often not the nicest people in the...

Camping beach side at Chez Jojo 6

Ivory Coast… Coast

No visit to Ivory Coast would be complete without a visit to, well, The Coast ! I have not seen the ocean since a trip to an island off Conakry, Guinea, and I’m very...

Heading South. This road will get interesting 10

Ivory Coast Begins

I move South, hugging the West Coast of Ivory Coast, first bordering Guinea, and later Liberia. These borders have only recently re-opened after the Ebola outbreak from about six months prior. At Odiénné I...

Ivory Coast - African country number eight 10

Into Ivory Coast

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Mali, and it is with reluctance that I finally pack up the Jeep and wave goodbye to The Sleeping Camel in Bamako. I have made some great...

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