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Volcán Pacaya glowing in the dark 19

Volcán Pacaya

The temptation to get extremely close to flowing lava is much too strong to pass up, in fact it’s something I never imagined I’d to do in my life. I’ve been really excited about...

Kate going crazy in the markets of Antigua 13


We’re up early and get set for another big day of driving. Our opposing maps combined with the general lack of quality road signs means the 400 km to Antigua might take 10 hours...

And now we swim... (imagine no flash) 5

Lanquin & Semuc Champy

We’re up early and excited for our day to come and we know things are happening as they should when we have perfect blue sky for the first time in over a week. We...

The tree house at Finca Ixobel 5

Hot Spring Waterfall at El Paraiso

We continue to explore Guatemala, staying a night in a tree house at the Finca Ixobel, a working farm that provides accommodation, great meals and a bar. My eyes light up like a child...

Another grand temple 8


The Mayan ruins in Tikal have been on my radar for a long time and Rupert & Amy confirmed we need to make a stop. The Jaguar Inn has cheap camping, so we throw...

A random lake we stopped at just into Guatemala 4

Into Guatemala

We stop for supplies in San Ignacio and run into Rupert & Amy, an Australian couple driving an ’89 Range Rover around the world. They have just come north through every country in South...

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