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I have a GSI Outdoors Bugboo frying pan. The handle folds to keep it small. From $33.95 on Amazon
The Jeep snug in the container 57

Shipping a Vehicle from North America to Europe

The process of shipping a vehicle from North America to Europe is not nearly as difficult or expensive as people assume. Step 1: Choose a shipping method There are two options to ship, Roll-On,...

The Jeep locked and loaded into the 20 foot shipping container. It's got about 6 inches all round. 17

Adventure Starts Now

After a year of work, Dan finally gets the Africa Expedition underway, shipping the Jeep to Europe and flying to the UK.

Canoe on the river, with a dusting of snow in the background 0

Yukon Moose Hunting

Dan sets out on his first moose hunting experience, a week long river trip with Brett and Bill deep in the Yukon Wilderness.

Slims Valley 0

Sheep Mountain Hike

Dan and Heather hike the the top of Sheep Mountain in Kluane National Park, high above a breaking-up Kluane Lake

Northern Lights 3 0

Northern Lights 2

Dan again taking photos of the Northern Lights outside Whitehorse, Yukon

Rendezvous Fireworks 2 0

Fireworks Photography 2

Dan again experimenting with his camera, taking photos of the annual rendezvous fireworks in Whitehorse

A Votronic water tank display lets me keep an eye on my drinking water level. From $click on Amazon
The MSR Coffee/Tea Filter is a simple way to make a great cup in the morning. From $19.95 on Amazon