Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

I look for Travel Insurance that is:

  • Affordable.
  • Multi-country, anywhere in the world.
  • Any duration trip (including multi-year).
  • Buy, extend and claim online, even after leaving “home”.
  • Continue to do all of the above, even if I never return “home”.
  • Won’t try to screw me out of a claim because I’m somewhere “dangerous” or other BS reason.

After a ton of research, World Nomads offer by far and away the best Travel Insurance that meets all of these needs and more.

Get a quote right now for your next trip!


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  1. Joe Tucker says:

    I host a weekly radio talk show on Overland Radio ( I know you’ve been on the air with us before. The Gen5Runner Show airs every Friday from 7-8 pm CST. I’d love to have you as a guest on the show. If you’re willing, we can connect via Skype to do a live broadcast or, pre-record it if needed to fit your schedule. I’ll send you the questions I’ll ask in advance to ensure you’re not caught off guard and we can add topics of your choosing as well.
    I look forward to your affirmative reply!

    Joe Tucker
    Arrive Safe and Leave Clean

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