Loango Lodge and National Park

I roll into Loango Lodge uncertain of what to expect. Immediately I can tell this is a five star lodge, and is fancier than anywhere I have set foot in my entire life. The manager turns out to be the friendliest person in the world, and immediately invites me to camp right there on the grass of the lodge, to hang out, use the facilities and generally enjoy myself.

loango national park gabon lodge 720x480

Loango Lodge – amazing!

loango national park gabon jeep camping 720x480

My campsite, right on the side of the lodge

After chatting back and forward a while I organize to tag along with a couple already going into the Park the next day, and so I set about relaxing and enjoying myself as much as possible.

loango lodge gabon from water 720x480

Loango Lodge seen from the water

The following day we catch a boat across the small tidal river, and within five minutes spot forest elephants, and then more and more. After roaming around all afternoon among the majestic elephants we make our way down to the sandy beach, where we spot many more. None are actually walking in the water, though they are within thirty yards and clearly will be spending the night here near the beach.

loango national park gabon mom baby elephant 720x480

Covered in mud and muck, they look right at home!

loango national park gabon big forest elehant 720x480

BIG forest elephant keeping an eye on us

loango national park gabon forest elephant 720x480

This guy was mad, flapping his ears and mock charging

In the evening we head out on a boat tour in the pitch black, where one of the local guides is going to show us some baby crocs. We move deep into the mangroves, and I am stunned when the guide jumps into the waist deep water and snatches up a baby in his bare hands. When the baby stars crying for it’s mother I get downright uncomfortable. The guide assures me no local has ever been attacked by a crocodile here, though I am certain he is really pushing his luck!

loango national park gabon baby crocodile 720x480

Baby Croc scooped out of the water

The rain starts to fall one afternoon and does not stop for many, many hours. The manager explains this should have come at least a month ago, and everyone in Gabon has been desperately waiting for the rains to begin.

A couple of days later I head deep into the park with the manager to check out one of his wilderness camps, a supremely beautiful place where people can stay a few nights deep in the wilderness. Over the course of the day we spot many more elephants, buffalo, red wild boars, leopard tracks and magically even see a couple of wild gorillas watching us from a clump of trees.

loango national park gabon sandy road 720x480

Inside the national park, breathtaking

loango national park gabon carnivorous plant 720x480

I have always been fascinated by carnivorous plants.. this one is out in the wild

loango national park gabon elephants on beach 720x480

Elephants on the beach sand

loango national park gabon lodge water 720x480

The waterfront at the lodge

loango lodge gabon 720x480

Loango Lodge – paradise on earth

loango national park gabon elephants on beach with baby 720x480

An elephant family by the ocean

I am grinning from ear to ear to be in the middle of this enormous Eden, surrounded by huge African elephants.


6 Responses

  1. “…is fancier than anywhere I have set foot in my entire life”

    *proceeds to camp in the jeep*

    You’re a legend 😉

  2. Daniel Szumilas says:

    So many elephants!

    Dan, do you have any recommendation for other travel blogs or books? I can’t get enough of your trip and am hoping to embark on my own adventure in the next couple years. I found from the comments on one of your old posts and finished it in 2 weeks (might be useful for the African east coat part of your journey).

  3. Jon says:

    The loango lodge looks simply amazing! Please keep the pictures coming!

  1. August 13, 2017

    […] be!! I spent time in the spectacular Loango Lodge and National Park: More pics and story here: Loango Lodge and National Park | The Road Chose Me It thumped rain while I was there, which made getting out quite the adventure! Also, I sat and […]

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