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New Vehicle. New Adventure. Details on Patreon now!

In just two weeks I’m flying to a different continent, building a new dedicated vehicle and setting out to explore far and wide over roughly 12-18 months. Going in I plan to get more remote than ever before.
Once again I’m bursting with excitement, and I absolutely can not wait!!

theroadchoseme new vehicle 720x480

The New Vehicle – details on Patreon now

The Road Chose Me Patreon

I’m posting all the behind-the-scenes details and updates on my Patreon Page, where you can choose to support me in return for special access to perks and rewards.
As well as the details on the vehicle I’ll be using and where I’m going, I’m also discussing the whys of each step and my thought process along the way so you can learn how I come to the decisions that I do.

Recent posts available now to supporters on Patreon include:

  • The exact vehicle I will be using, and why I’ve chosen the trim level I have
  • The 21st century dual isolated batteries with solar setup I will build into the vehicle
  • The prototype full-featured kitchen I’m helping to design
  • The wheels, tires and suspension I will install on the vehicle
  • Overall vehicle consideration, limitations and design goals

Support on Patreon is broken down into different tiers, defined by the monthly amount of support you pledge.

Each tier receives different perks and rewards.

$5/month –  Insider
– Exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content
– View one-on-one consulting videos
– Your name in the credits of my YouTube videos

$10/month  –  Consultant
– One-on-one video consulting call with me to discuss your vehicle or expedition plans
– GPS track logs of my expeditions

$20/month  –  Team Member
– Gaia GPS free three months premium membership
– Hand-written Christmas post card from me!
– Signed copy of my future books
– Invite to camp/overland with me when I’m in your part of the world

$50/month  –  Co-Pilot
– One-on-one video chat with me about any topic twice per year
– An 18″ X 36″ signed canvas print of my photography from around the world – one per year!

On Patreon you can choose a support tier that best suits you:

theroadchoseme patreon support tiers 2021 720x408

Patreon Support Tiers

Head over to my Patreon page now to see all the details of where I’m going, what vehicle I’ll be using and how I’ll turn it into my house on wheels to support the expedition. – https://www.patreon.com/theroadchoseme


PS As well as updates on Patreon I’ll continue post here from time to time, and I’m posting two videos per week on my YouTube Channel, aimed at teaching you to get out and have your own overland adventures!

Recommended books for Overlanding

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Drive Nacho Drive: A Journey From The American Dream T...
by Brad Van Orden, Sheena Van Orden
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51QolA05 wL. SL160
Americas Overland - The Driving Handbook
by Donald Greene
From $20
41LWbzbeVOL. SL160
Overlanding The Americas: La Lucha
by Mr Graeme Robert Bell
From $20

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