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The mighty Boabab at sunset 10

Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 2

I’m having a fantastic time hanging out in beach side paradise in the Cassamance region. It’s hard to leave! Due to my hopeless organization I’ve hit the middle of the rainy season – each...

Eddy's Irish Pub - he gave up the busy life and lives here, stress free 2

Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 1

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gambia, though it’s once again time to move on. Crossing back into Senegal is relatively uneventful, and I find my way to the coast in the Cassamance...

The international border from Senegal to Gambia 10

Into Gambia

The road South to the border of Gambia is under construction, which means traffic is diverted to drive on a very makeshift road on either side of the main road. This makeshift road is...

My campsite in Palmarin - 200 yards to the beach 5

Senegal Sights

It’s hard to tear myself away from the magical Zebrabar and the fun city of Saint Louis, though I must get to Dakar to extend the temporary import permit for the Jeep. I drive...

Country number two! Mauritania, I hardly know you. 5

Into Senegal without a Carnet

The largest border crossing from Mauritania to Senegal at Rosso is commonly called the “Worst Border in Africa”. Horror stories abound of hours spent paying hundreds of euros in bribes, only to move onto...