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Into Chile

Distant mountains surround a tiny shack in the middle of nowhere, marking the international border between Bolivia and Chile. Apparently we’ve arrived at immigration. The officer tells us there is no Customs here, it’s...

Three vehciles in the desert 8

The Uyuni Salt Flats to Chile Pt. 2

From the minute we drive off the Uyuni Salt Flats we’re on extremely bad gravel roads, sometimes doubting the existence of a road at all. Every few kilometers the surface changes, keeping us on...

Warren fishing 8

The Uyuni Salt Flats to Chile Pt. 1

Preparing to leave Uyuni I feel like we’re setting out on a mission to mars. We being myself, Warren and Sara in their Toyota 4Runner and Rob riding a Harley Davidson. No, that’s not...

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A visit to the world’s highest city, Potosi (4060m) is an absolute must for any visitor to Bolivia. The enormous Cerro Rico (rich mountain) is visible from practically every street corner and rightly so,...

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Driving Bolivia’s Road of Death

The Wikipedia page for the South Yungas Road in Bolivia is well worth a read. In years gone by, this single road averaged over two hundred deaths per year, earning it the ominous award...

Camping by Lake Titicaca 4

Into Boliva

For my final night in Peru I camp on a hill overlooking the mighty Lake Titticaca and after dark I clearly see the lights of Copacabana in Bolivia, less than 50kms away. In the...

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