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This girl was riding this bike that is way too big for her, with infant sister on her back 4

Back Into Mali

Because of the visa situation and timing, I’m making a run back into Mali to pickup one last visa before I move off again. I cross over at the major border of Pogo, in...

Ivory Coast - African country number eight 10

Into Ivory Coast

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Mali, and it is with reluctance that I finally pack up the Jeep and wave goodbye to The Sleeping Camel in Bamako. I have made some great...

All clear - for now 10


On a trip like mine through Africa, Malaria presents a problem. Conventional wisdom says to take an “anti-malarial” pill in the hopes of preventing infection, though for a number of reasons that’s not really...

Visa Paperwork 3

West African Visas

Most people assume West African countries would be happy to give out a visa to a Westerner like me. That would be nice, but unfortunately not the case at all. The embassies of virtually...

At The Sleeping Camel 7

The Sleeping Camel, Bamako, Mali

The capital of Mali, Bamako, is virtually a required stop for those looking to traverse the West Coast of Africa. There are numerous embassies here for countries to the South, so it’s a great...

Manantali Market 0

Manantali & Casper’s Cool Camp

On the advice of many Overlanders I make my way across to the tiny town of Manantali, to meet up with Casper and checkout his “Cool Camp” where he has setup a rustic campground...

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