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The last camping in Burkina Faso 7

Into Togo

I had planned to camp somewhere around Tiébélé, though after my experience there I hit the road and put down some miles hoping to clear my head. Right on dusk I arrive in the...

The town is surrounded by low mountains 22

The Houses of Tiébélé and Greed

I soon realize all the major roads in Burkina Faso lead to the capital, Quagadougo (pronounced waga-do-go and commonly called Quaga), in kind of a star pattern. I’m moving from West to East, which...

Sunrise on Loropeni 1

The Ruins of Loropeni

I move in an Easterly direction across Southern Burkina Faso, at first on decent sealed roads, then on extremely dusty and corrugated red-dirt roads. At sunset I arrive at the Ruins of Loropeni, which...

Right in the thick of it 1

Domes De Fabedougou and Chutes de Karfiguéla

I reluctantly leave beautiful lake Tengrela, and wind my way through the city of Banfora to the Domes of Fabedougou, an oddly shaped cluster of rock formations created by water erosion, sitting more-or-less on...

Lake Tengrela 3

Around Lake Tengrela

Not far away I find the beautiful Lake Tengrela, and after a quick chat to Francis, the friendly security guard who warmly welcomes me, I pay 1,000CFA (less than $2) to camp right on...

The Jeep likes the view 1

Les Pics De Sindou

Moving slightly North to the town of Sindou, I arrive at a scraggy sandstone outcrop known as Les Pics De Sindou. The place is entirely deserted, so I water around on my own in...

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