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The river looked ancient 4

Belize Wilderness

We stay a night in Dangriga, which is really a non-event. Val’s Place is a nice Hostel, but there is really nothing to do here. In the morning we move on and decide we...

I've never seen anything like a Tapir 11

The Belize Zoo

I’m normally not much of a zoo person, though the story behind The Belize Zoo is pretty cool. None of the animals has been taken from the wild, they have all been rescued from...

The Jeep looking pretty naked 10

Belize City & Jeep Repairs

We roll into Belize City and quickly find that everything we were told is more or less true – it’s not a very nice place to be, with lots of crime and very dirty...

The lush jungle near Shane's place 2

Crooked Tree & Community Baboon Sanctuary

For our first night in Belize we camp in the costal town of Corozal and immediately feel a lot more comfortable than in Mexico. Being able to read every sign and pretty much understand...

Waiting for my paperwork to return... 18

Into Belize

We move south and stop for lunch in the town of Chetumal, the last major town before crossing into Belize. We find an amazing spot right on the ocean for lunch, complete with green...

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