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Sunset at my campsite in Southern Mali

Into Mali

I arrive at the major border from Guinea to Mali around midday, and of course all the officials are somewhere else, taking their lunch break. I am inside the immigration building in Guinea when...

My route through Guinea - it's been a blast! 5

Gone Guinea

For my last couple of days in Guinea I slowly wind my way East, stopping in little towns and finding still more waterfalls. I arrive at one to find another massive hydro-station, being guarded...

Camping in a village is always a great experience, but means zero piece and quiet 9

More Exploring Guinea

While hiking through a rice field at the base of a small mountain overlooking a nearby town a local man spots a snake. It turns out to be a cobra, a bite from which...

The mountains are endless 1

Exploring Guinea

I finally tear myself away from the amazing hiking in Doucki, and continue to wind through the mountains. As hard as I try, I can’t find a river crossing with a ferry – even...

Enjoying the views over The Grand Canyon 2

Hiking in Doucki, The Fouta Djallon part 2

The hiking with Hassan near Doucki, Guinea continues to be amazing, and I will continue to let the photos do the talking! (Again, you can click any photo to see it larger, and control...

Looking out over The Grand Canyon 13

Hiking in Doucki, The Fouta Djallon part 1

Before coming here, I didn’t know much about Guinea. I knew the WHO had declared it Ebola free only a few months prior to my visit, and I knew it rains a lot. (It...

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