The road chose me Going where others don't dare

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New Vehicle. New Adventure. Details on Patreon now!

In just two weeks I’m flying to a different continent, building a new dedicated vehicle and setting out to explore far and wide over roughly 12-18 months. Going in I plan to get more...

Camping in the mountains in May 2020 - my happy place 13

A new direction for The Road Chose Me

Exactly eleven years ago today, on the 19th of May 2009, The Road Chose Me was born. We’ve come a very long way in that time. I vividly remember my brother Mike and I...

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Kickstarter: The Road Chose Me Volume 2 !

I’ve been extremely busy this winter writing my next book – ‘The Road Chose Me Volume 2: Three years and 54,000 miles around Africa’. It’s almost finished, and I’ve launched a Kickstarter to get...

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Learn to drive the Pan-American Highway

As many of you know, long ago – in fact before I had even heard the word “Overlanding” – I set out to drive my little Jeep Wrangler from the top of Alaska to...

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YouTube Video: Egypt by Jeep – The Africa Conclusion

Checkout the video conclusion to the Africa circumnavigation!! I struggle to comprehend what I have achieved, and I’m still buzzing. Also, stick around for the epic ending music! I’ve been waiting to use it...

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