Jeepers, Overlanders and 4×4 enthusiasts alike all dream of making a once-in-a-lifetime round trip through Colorado, Moab and The Rubicon Trail in California.

Dream no more.

ExtremeTerrain are sending one lucky winner to all three offload meccas with a Jeep Wrangler!
It doesn’t get any better than that.

Checkout the ExtremeTerrain Contest Page to get all the information and watch a video explaining all the contest details.
Next just fill out the Entry Form before 6pm on Jan 21st 2014 for your chance to win.

It’s that easy.

Extreme Jeep Adventure Banner

Extreme Jeep Adventure Contest is the one-stop online shop for quality aftermarket Jeep Wrangler parts and accessories. They cover the whole range from rock-crawlers to weekend warriors and overlanders like me. If you’re new to Jeeps and 4x4ing (as I was before my drive), give them a call to discuss the best options for your needs, these guys are pros and really know their stuff.


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After all these years, one expedition and one experience stands above all others.

My trip report, The Magic Bus still gets more daily hits than the rest of my site combined.
It’s also the most controversial topic

For a variety of reasons my thoughts have lately been drifting to Chris, the bus, and my still fresh feelings.

In September this year Jon Krakauer wrote a new article (How Chris McCandless died) with new facts and information about a possible amino acid that may have lead to Chris’ death at the bus. Again, Krakauer makes the case that Chris was not an idiot, and died due to circumstances outside his direct control.

Today, my friend Eva Holland published a new article about the people that make the often dangerous pilgrimage to The Magic Bus, titled Chasing Alexander Supertramp Into The Wild
Talking with Eva about my time at the bus brought back a flood of memories of my different life, and the desire for me to visit the bus again.

magic bus 142 dan 320x240

Dan at The Magic Bus 142

For those interested in the continuing story and admiration for Chris, I highly recommend you give both a read.

UPDATE: Another great article has just been posted today. It seems Chris’ story, and the pilgrims, can’t stay out of the headlines: The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem


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I stumbled across this video a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I found it particularly fascinating how time and time again the narrator mentions the cities are wonderfully modern and clean, and very comparable to cities in North America.
I recognized quite a few places.


P.S. I just ordered a new camera, and am extremely excited to get back to sharing my adventures with the world. I’ve made a promise to myself to update this site at least once a week in the future. I have a lot of fun stories and photos to show you all from the last ~2 years..

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On the 7th of February 2013 I’ll be giving a presentation at the Whitehorse library about my entire journey from Alaska to Argentina.
You can expect lots of photos, stories and advice for your own journey.

yukon news dan grec presentation 240x320

Yukon News announcing my presentation for Feb 7th


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