Yokohama Tire
Yokohama Tire
Yokohama Tire


I am extremely proud to be working with the following partners for my Jeep build and adventure:



Yokohama Tire


jpfreek adventure magazine

JPFreek Adventure Magazine


kensington tours 720x336

Kensington Tours


american expedition vehicles

American Expedition Vehicles





usra minor vehicles

Ursa Minor Vehicles






Tuffy Security Products


renogy solar

Renogy Solar



Rigid Industries


rugged ridge

Rugged Ridge



ARB 4×4 Accessories


hi lift



optima batteries

Optima Batteries


painless performance

Painless Performance


titan fuel tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks


factor 55

Factor 55





voodoo offroad

Voodoo Offroad



Bolt Security Products



Nemesis Industries


offroad elements

Offroad Elements

10 Responses

  1. Matthew Wakem says:

    Hey Dan, I was driving on my way to Niagara Falls tonight and passed you on the 401 I saw your website name and thought I should Google you when I got home would love to talk with you and get more information about your journey and also about your motivation to take such a journey :)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for making the effort to look me up!
      Were you driving the boxy van-like green vehicle that sat on my right for ~30 seconds? I noticed you checking out the Jeep!
      Absolutely fire away any questions you have, I’d love to give you some insight into my madness!


  2. Martin Lassonde says:

    hello Dan,
    Is your adventure officially started ? I followed the last stint of your last adventure can’t wait to read you live on this one. If your looking for a place to crash near Montréal you’d be welcome at our place. good luck !

    • Dan says:

      Hi Martin,
      I’m moving East now. I’m just near Toronto, and will be coming past Montreal in a handful of days.
      I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to be where, thanks very much for the offer, I will shoot you an email if it can work out.


  3. Steve Schuit says:

    Wow! Very impressive from any angle: bucket list, creating a vision, technical skills, knowledge, creativity, relationship with your dad, spirit of adventure, on and on…Your adventure warrants a Ph.D (well earned) from the University of Alaska!
    Steve Schuit
    South Korea

  4. Fe says:

    hi Dan, super inspirational. just moved back home to Botswana, let me know when you are around these parts! See how i can be of assistance neh.

  5. Aamer says:

    Hey Dan. Been following your Africa adventure with great interest. Very impressive and inspirational. I would like to know what communication gear do you carry ? Any SatPhones ? GMRS Radios/CB ? Tips and tricks on the communication stuff would be great. Thanks

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Aamer,

      CB radios are illegal in many countries in Africa (Military controlled) and a sat phone isn’t very useful, because there is nobody to call for help – no search and rescue, embassy can’t help, etc.
      To be honest, I don’t carry anything specific, I rely on the people around me if and when I need help.
      For North America the story is probably quite different.


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