Expedition Partners

I am extremely proud to be working with the following partners for my Jeep build and expedition:



Yokohama Tire


renogy solar

Renogy Solar



Lightforce Performance Lighting


rhino rack



american expedition vehicles

American Expedition Vehicles








titan fuel tanks

Titan Fuel Tanks

11 Responses

  1. Matthew Wakem says:

    Hey Dan, I was driving on my way to Niagara Falls tonight and passed you on the 401 I saw your website name and thought I should Google you when I got home would love to talk with you and get more information about your journey and also about your motivation to take such a journey :)

    • Dan says:

      Hey Matt,

      Thanks for making the effort to look me up!
      Were you driving the boxy van-like green vehicle that sat on my right for ~30 seconds? I noticed you checking out the Jeep!
      Absolutely fire away any questions you have, I’d love to give you some insight into my madness!


  2. Martin Lassonde says:

    hello Dan,
    Is your adventure officially started ? I followed the last stint of your last adventure can’t wait to read you live on this one. If your looking for a place to crash near Montréal you’d be welcome at our place. good luck !

    • Dan says:

      Hi Martin,
      I’m moving East now. I’m just near Toronto, and will be coming past Montreal in a handful of days.
      I’m not sure exactly when I’m going to be where, thanks very much for the offer, I will shoot you an email if it can work out.


  3. Steve Schuit says:

    Wow! Very impressive from any angle: bucket list, creating a vision, technical skills, knowledge, creativity, relationship with your dad, spirit of adventure, on and on…Your adventure warrants a Ph.D (well earned) from the University of Alaska!
    Steve Schuit
    South Korea

  4. Fe says:

    hi Dan, super inspirational. just moved back home to Botswana, let me know when you are around these parts! See how i can be of assistance neh.

  5. Aamer says:

    Hey Dan. Been following your Africa adventure with great interest. Very impressive and inspirational. I would like to know what communication gear do you carry ? Any SatPhones ? GMRS Radios/CB ? Tips and tricks on the communication stuff would be great. Thanks

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Aamer,

      CB radios are illegal in many countries in Africa (Military controlled) and a sat phone isn’t very useful, because there is nobody to call for help – no search and rescue, embassy can’t help, etc.
      To be honest, I don’t carry anything specific, I rely on the people around me if and when I need help.
      For North America the story is probably quite different.


      • Mohammad says:

        Hello Dan.
        I’m glad that I’ve known you since I was surfing the internet. I like to take an adventure to Australia continent from Afghanistan.
        But how can I do it ??
        I’m just 17 years old.
        As you read my comment please reply to me here or shoot me an email
        I appreciate any help you can provide.

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