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Drive on the right, no matter what language you speak! 3

Into Burundi

A few weeks ago in Dar Es Salaam I applied for and was granted a one month tourist visa without any trouble. Waiting in the embassy felt exactly like all the embassies I visited...

Sunset over our wild camp near the lake 1

Across Wild Tanzania

Not far from Kilimanjaro I find the campground / Overland hangout of “Snake Park” – this is a famous stop for all the huge Overland buses touring Africa, and self drive Overlanders like myself....

My wild camp on the Northern side of Kilimanjaro 0

Around Kilimanjaro

Back in Dar Es Salaam the Jeep is perfectly safe and sound, and I take the opportunity to perform yet another round of maintenance while I’m in such a well-stocked big city. A routine...

Our guide made as some presents. This is the first time I have worn a tie in longer than I care to remember! 4

Zanzibar Part 2 – Spice Tour and Prison Island

We head into the center of the island for a tour around a huge spice plantation. Over an entire morning we see, cut open and sample more different spices and tropical fruits than I...

Tropical paradise 0

Zanzibar Part 1 – Stonetown

I leave the Jeep in a secure parking lot in Dar Es Salaam and jump on the passenger ferry across to the island of Zanzibar. It is possible to take vehicles on a different...

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