The Namib Desert, Namibia Pt. 2

The roads are rough, so it takes a long time to cover not much distance each day.
Happily, there is no rush.

namib gravel roads 720x480

The gravel roads are slow going

namib desert jeep rock 720x480

A small rocky canyon

The days are sunny and hot, and the nights beautifully cold allowing me to sleep like a baby.

On the wide open plains I spot herds of mountain zebra, gemsbok and other antelope-like animals. When driving through a dry river bed I spot a lone elephant doing his best to hide in the trees, and am absolutely staggered and elected to stumble upon a large heard of giraffe. As a little kid they were my favorite animal, so it’s a real treat to finally see them in the wild.

elehant dan footprint 720x480

My size 13 in the elephant print

giraffes in namib desert 720x480

Giraffes in the desert

They appear curious and are not very afraid of me, though after fifteen minutes of me sitting quietly they slowly move on further down the river bed. It’s shocking they can live out here with so little greenery or shade.

Again, the photos do a much better job of explaining it than I can!

namib desert isolation 720x480

There are not many people out here….

jeep namib desert is huge 720x480

The desert is HUGE

jeep mountain view 720x480

Loving the mountain views

jeep lookout 720x480

On a high lookout

barren mountains 720x480

This fallen tree branch looks 1000 years old

barren landscape 720x480

The barren landscapes appear endless

riverbed sunset 720x480

Sunset in a dry river bed

jeep camping sunset 720x480

Setting up camp at sunset


5 Responses

  1. JC Crafford says:

    What an incredibly beautiful country. Thanks for going through the trouble of sharing everything with us. We LOVE following your progress…and dreaming about also doing this one day.

  2. Jim Korczak says:

    Wonderful stuff, Dan. Thanks for sharing your good fortune to travel in this incredible land.

  3. Don Lusk says:

    Dan, I have really been enjoying your trip and look forward each day to see were you are. Could you tell me were in Namibia these photos you have posted were taken. We will be in Namibia in about a 2 weeks and I don’t yet know exactly were I would like to go this trip. We have driven though the Caprivi strip, Etosha and Skelton coast a few years ago. Last year Botswana was our destination, you have to be looking forward to Botswana. In Chobe we had close encounters with Elephants everyday thousands of elephants amazing! Posting as often as you do must be hard work, I think you are inspiring many to follow in your foot steps. Thank you very much.

    Don Lusk
    MI USA

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Don,
      Thanks very much for the kind words!
      Load up all the gas, food and water you can carry and strike out along the Angola border until you get to Epupa Falls. From there angle South and West towards Van Zail’s pass, turn south just before it and follow the smallest possible tracks you can… you’ll come into a dry riverbed North of Purros… the best stuff was all North and South of Purros in the riverbed.
      All these tiny tracks are in Tracks for Africa (the GPS map pack).
      All the best! I would love to hear how you make out!


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