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Uganda in video format 0

VIDEO: Uganda by Jeep

Uganda is a simply stunning country, and everything was going oh-so-well until suddenly, it all went -oh-so-wrong. -Dan

They really do smile, often 0

Nairobi Elephant and Rhino Orphanage

Still doing jobs in Nairobi, I also checkout the Elephant and Rhino Orphanage. It’s a fantastic place to get up close with the baby elephants, and you can even rub and pet them when...

Slobbery, and with a scratchy tongue like a cat. Yep, about what I expected 3

Nairobi Giraffe Center

I make my way to Nairobi via Mount Kenya, though the low-lying cloud means I don’t get so much as a glimpse of the giant mountain. I have a long list of jobs to...

He loved the Jeep 9

Masai Mara National Park Part 2

In the afternoon we roam to the Southern boundary of the park, and actually cross a post marking the International border with Tanzania. I won’t be getting a stamp in my passport for today’s...

The landscape is as beautiful as the wildlife in the park 4

Masai Mara National Park Part 1

I make my way South, right on the border with Tanzania and not all the far from Mt. Kilimanjaro. I’m much happier with the prices here at the Masai Mara – a mere fraction...

Lizard catching some sun 4

Murchison Falls National Park

In need of some down time and non-driving days, I head into Murchison falls National Park and meet up with my buddy Tiaan who I met driving across Tanzania. A few cold beers during...

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