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The international border at La Balsa 6

Into Peru

I wind my way along a very remote dirt road, and find myself at a military checkpoint on what could easily be the top of the world highway. After the friendly guys check my...

On the mountain roads 3

Ecuador Ends

I’ve always thought one of the hardest things about constantly being on the move is constantly saying goodbye. Leaving The Secret Garden Cotopaxi is absolutely no exception. I’ve made some great friends over the...

Volcano Cotopaxi crater (tiny amount of smoke on left) 20

Cotopaxi Summit – 5,897 meters of Daring

Four months of watching excitedly as groups departed for the summit of Cotopaxi Volcano (5,897m/19,344ft) has not dulled my fascination in the least. Each and every time I’ve waited anxiously for their return and...

The whole camping crew 1

A Camping Trip To Remember Pt. 2

I’m really not sure if I get much sleep, struggling with the cold and unfamiliarity of my tent after three months of luxury in a real bed. My tent is covered in a thick...

Living wild 4

A Camping Trip To Remember Pt. 1

Crunching across the thick morning frost at 5am, staring intently at The Southern Cross beside the glowing Volcán Cotopaxi, I realize this is one of the most friendly, beautiful, peaceful and genuine places I’ve...

Cowgirl 8

Festival Time

Every year around this time the little town of Machachi comes to life with a huge festival, centered around a horse parade and bullfighting. The locals have been talking about it for weeks, so...

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