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For a shower I use a 10L MSR water bag that gets nice and hot in the sun. From $54.95 on Amazon
The Jeep in Malawi!

Into Malawi

In just a few weeks we have covered 2,708 miles in Zambia, which is way, way more than I originally thought we would. As usual we have only just scratched the surface and I...

A hyena gnawing on some discarded antlers 2

Marula Lodge & South Luangwa National Park Pt. 2

Our days at Marula Lodge turn into a familiar pattern. We’re up before the sun and on the lookout for elephants around the lodge as we walk over for a quick coffee and snack...

The big guy resting! 0

Marula Lodge & South Luangwa National Park Pt. 1

In order to experience South Luangwa National Park in the best way possible, we decide to treat ourselves to some luxury and book in at Marula Lodge, right on the banks of the beautiful...

A typical rural Zambian town with everything we need to re-supply 2

Wild Zambia

We leave the last of the waterfalls behind, and swing West until we’re parallel with the border of the mighty DRC. I would love a photo of the river that forms the border, and...

On the edge of Lumangwe Falls 0

The Stunning Waterfalls of Northern Zambia

After about a week bumping along dusty back roads and swimming in waterfalls, we pull into Kapishya Hot Springs full of expectation. Camping is right on the stunning river, and only a two minute...

A solid winch is a must-have when Overlanding. I use a Warn Zeon 10-S. From $1535.94 on Amazon
My Sigma 18-35 f/1.8 lens takes amazingly clear shots on my DSLR. From $644.99 on Amazon