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I installed a couple of Blue Sea Dual USB Sockets in the Jeep to easily charge gear. From $21.13 on Amazon
At the Mauritania border, having just got through. An official yelled at me for taking this photo 17

Through A Minefield Into Mauritania

Driving through an active minefield is not something I’m looking forward to. I would go another way if I could, the problem is there simply is no other way to drive from Morocco/The Western...

Time to lay down some serious miles 9

Southern Morocco / Western Sahara

I make my way South along the Moroccan coast, stopping at a couple of beach side cities that are heavily focused on fishing, and no so much on surfing (though surfing is growing for...

I carry a Hand Bow Saw to remove trees and limbs from the trail. From $22.83 on Amazon
I run a K and N Air Filter so I can wash it out and re-use it again and again. From $74.99 on Amazon