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The Skeleton Coast

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

We strike out directly North from Swakopmund and soon find the Cape Cross Seal Reserve – it’s easy to find given the immense stink wafting off the thousands and thousands of seals that nest here. A walkway has been built so it’s possible to get extremely close to the masses of seals that seem to lie around doing a whole not of nothing. They stink, and they endlessly grunt and groan their displeasure at whatever other seal is lying on top of it.
Even so, they’re cute.

cape cross seal face 720x480

They’re cute, but they stink!

cape cross seal fins 720x480

Their fins are fascinating

cape cross seal rock 720x480

Resting on the rocks

Further North we enter the Skeleton Coast park proper and the barren landscape is staggering. For a couple of hundred miles we drive through blowing sand, dunes, rocks and nothing else. There is no vegetation or any sign of life.

skeleton coast 720x480

The Skeleton Coast

skeleton coast entrance 720x480

Elephant bones at the entrance gate

This place is severely inhospitable.

skeleton coast jackal 720x480

A jackal that was not too scared of the Jeep

skeleton coast ship remains 720x480

A shipwreck being overtaken by the sand

skelton coast barren jeep 720x480

Seriously barren and windy


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