The road chose me Going where others don't dare

Jeep enjoying the mountain views 1

The Eastern Highlands around Chimanimani

We immediately drive around to Chimanimani, the famous mountainous region in the far East of Zimbabwe. In fact we’re so close to the border of Moz it’s easy to hike there and back in...

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VIDEO: Petting a Cheetah!

While filming Cheetahs at the Otjitotongwe Cheetah Guest Farm in Namibia I made an unexpected friend! -Dan

The last night in Moz, wild camping 0

Into Zimbabwe

For our last night in Mozambique we find a gravel pit just off the road and wild camp where nobody can see us. We’e a long way from any town, and so the stargazing...

Local sailboat 2

Around Vilanculos

I roll into the sizeable town of Vilanculos and setup the Jeep in one of the many camping lodges right on the beach. Unfortunately town is on a tidal flat, so there is no...

Travel Photography by Emily Sheff 0

Improve Your Travel Photography!

You have probably noticed my photography has taken a huge step up since the Alaska to Argentina Expedition, and another HUGE step up over the last six months or so. That’s because my girlfriend...

Sunset just as I arrived 0

Mozambique Beach Paradise

Most day in Tofo I surf twice, and I improve day by day. I’m still really a beginner, though now I can stand up on almost all the waves I try, and as long...

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