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My GoPro Camera has been awesome for action video work. From $429.99 on Amazon
My Bolt 6' Cable Lock keeps everything on my rear bumper safe using the Jeep ignition key. From $29.24 on Amazon
Camping in the mountains in May 2020 - my happy place 13

A new direction for The Road Chose Me

Exactly eleven years ago today, on the 19th of May 2009, The Road Chose Me was born. We’ve come a very long way in that time. I vividly remember my brother Mike and I...

Egypt by Jeep 0

YouTube Video: Egypt by Jeep – The Africa Conclusion

Checkout the video conclusion to the Africa circumnavigation!! I struggle to comprehend what I have achieved, and I’m still buzzing. Also, stick around for the epic ending music! I’ve been waiting to use it...

Sudan by Jeep 0

YouTube Video: Sudan by Jeep

Checkout the video version of driving across Sudan – a completely unexpected experience!   -Dan

Kenya to Ethiopia via Lake Turkana 1

VIDEO: Kenya to Ethiopia – Lake Turkana by Jeep

The lake Turkana route from Kenya into Ethiopia was easily the most remote and isolated stretch of East Africa – I loved it, but it was intense! See it in video format now on...

Uganda in video format 0

VIDEO: Uganda by Jeep

Uganda is a simply stunning country, and everything was going oh-so-well until suddenly, it all went -oh-so-wrong. -Dan

An ARB Tire Repair Kit means I won't be stranded. From $click on Amazon
I run Royale Purple Synthetic Oils in my transmisison, transfer case and diffs. From $18.95 on Amazon