Around Vilanculos

I roll into the sizeable town of Vilanculos and setup the Jeep in one of the many camping lodges right on the beach. Unfortunately town is on a tidal flat, so there is no surf to speak of. Town is not much to look at, so in the morning I catch a boat out to one of the many islands not far off shore, called Bazaruto. By pure luck a couple from Argentina also catch the boat, so I have a great time chatting in Spanish for the entire day. It’s close enough to Portuguese to help me remember a lot of stuff that has been replaced in my head with French, and it’s great to know I can still hold a decent conversation and don’t need to revert back to English for the whole day.

bazaruto sailboat1 720x480

Local sailboat

bazaruto dune and ocean1 720x480

The sand dune island

Bazaruto is a stunning island of sand, and after a delicious lunch we head out to the reef for snorkeling.

bazaruto snorkle map1 720x480

The map for where to snorkle

There are all kinds of fish and coral, and someone else even spots a turtle (I didn’t see it). Unfortunately the weather closes in and the tide steadily increases until it’s difficult to swim even with fins. After a quick stop at another stunning island we set out to cross the open ocean in the now formidable swell. Smashing into the waves is a lot like being on a mean roller-coaster, and I’m thoroughly soaked about two minutes into the ninety minute ride back.

bazaruto island1 720x480

The weather coming in was mean

bazaruto sand dune1 720x480

Climbing the sand dune for a great view

bazaruto sand1 720x480

I love how dunes make this pattern

I had originally planned to see a lot more of Northern Mozambique, though after surfing for so many days in Tofo I’m running out of time on my visa. Maybe I’ll have to dip back into Moz from Tanzania when I make it up that way.

Mozambique has a special beach-side vibe and super friendly people, and now I’m really excited for country number 25!


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  1. Geoff says:

    If you get a chance to make it back into Mozambique, both Isla de Mozambique & Ibo island are incredible. Both were big Portuguese trading posts before the capital moved to Maputo and now have huge but crumbling colonial buildings and wonderfully chilled, friendly pace of life, I would say even more laid back, and beautiful (but quieter) than the places you’ve been further south

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Geoff,

      Absolutely, I had planned on spending time in both those places, but I got “stuck” on the beach surfing! haha.
      Maybe I’ll dip back into Moz from Malawi or Tanzania.
      Thanks for the info.


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