The road chose me Going where others don't dare

A typical rural Zambian town with everything we need to re-supply 2

Wild Zambia

We leave the last of the waterfalls behind, and swing West until we’re parallel with the border of the mighty DRC. I would love a photo of the river that forms the border, and...

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VIDEO: The Kingdom In The Sky

Lesotho is a magical country that is not to be missed. How magical? We went back on 5 separate occasions! -Dan

On the edge of Lumangwe Falls 0

The Stunning Waterfalls of Northern Zambia

After about a week bumping along dusty back roads and swimming in waterfalls, we pull into Kapishya Hot Springs full of expectation. Camping is right on the stunning river, and only a two minute...

Traditional Tinga Tinga Painting, The Road Chose Me Vol. 1 (Signed), TRCM Africa Embroidered Patch, TRCM Africa Sticker 0

Prize Pack Giveaway!

Just for fun, I’m giving away a prize pack to one lucky Road Chose Me follower! The prize pack contains: A Traditional Tinga Tinga oil on canvas painting from East Africa (18″ x 12″)...

Zambian back roads are dusty, but in good condition 2

Mutinondo Wilderness, Caves & Waterfalls

We have a really good look at maps of Zambia and decide that everything we want to see is in the Northern section, towards Tanzania in the North and The DRC in the West....

Captivating is the world that comes to mind 2

Chimfunshi Chimp Orphanage

On multiple occasions on this content I have been lucky enough to be close to – and spend a lot of time with – chimpanzees. A genuine highlight of my entire life was interacting...