More Zimbabwe Mountains

We continue to amble along through the mountains surrounding Mutare in the East of the country. I’m extremely excited to meet up with my friends Dani and Didi, who I convoyed through parts of West Africa with. We split up back in Namibia and they have been roaming Southern Africa like Emily and I. We have tons of stories to catch up on, and spend a few days wild camping in the mountains, cooking great food and enjoying the company.

west africa crew 720x480

Didi, Dani, Dan and Em on top of a mountain

mountain views 720x480

The mountain views are stunning

emily sudza 720x480

Emily eating Sudza

The staple food eaten by locals is called “Sudza” and is ground maize (corn) mixed with water and cooked until it’s the consistency of sticky mash potatoes. It doesn’t have much flavor on it’s own, though it always comes with a rich sauce and some chunks of meat – usually beef or chicken. For $1 the portions are always huge, and eating with our hands helps blend in with the locals. They can’t believe we enjoy it, though we soon find ourselves searching it out each day. The women cooking the huge pots are always delighted we enjoy it, and more than once they bring me extra sauce when they see how quickly I devour the plate.

impressive hotel 720x480

An extremely impressive hotel on the grounds of the botanic gardens

botanic gardens sculpture 720x480

A statue at a botanic gardens

jeep camping mountains 720x480

Camping in the mountains

The nights continue to be cold and so campfires have become a regular fixture. With zero humidity, sunny days and great friends, I’m not sure Overlanding gets any better than this.

little critter 720x480

Another cool critter – wearing battle armor

old africa map 320x480

I love these old maps of Africa where so much is simply unknown


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