Around Kribi

I move South to the beachside paradise of Kribi, one of Cameroon’s most famous. As luck would have it the owner of a massive hotel likes to meet travellers, and I can camp for free as long as I buy food in the restaurant. Rather than free camping with paid food, I like to think of this as free food with paid camping simple smile

jeep africa beachfront property 720x480

My spot on the beach

I setup under a couple of palm trees on the sand, only thirty yards from the surf. The water is as warm as a bath, though unfortunately there are no waves to speak of. Just down the beach is the famous Lobé Waterfalls, which are unique because they drop right into the ocean. I spend the afternoon scrambling over the rocks, getting as close as possible to the raging water. It’s a dark brown/black color, so I decide not to jump in.

kribi waterfall 720x480

The Lobé waterfall dropping straight into the ocean

kribi sunset 720x480

Sunset is worth a look too!

Running low on supplies I head into the street market in town, and immediately love the place. I gather lots of tourists come to town, though they must not venture into the market. Locals call out greetings and and happy to stop and chat, surprised I speak passable French. I pickup bread, advocates, vegetables and some meat, all for only a few dollars.

kribi beach 720x480

The beach is endless

jeep africa j30 campong kribi 720x480

Morning views are great!

One day in paradise turns into two, and when I have my second coffee at the Jeep at 11:30 the following morning, that turns into three. I am really happy to have the Jeep open and thoroughly dry everything in the sun, the humidity means nothing is ever really dry.

kribi beach 720x480

The beach is endless

jeep africa beach palm trees 720x480

Love those beach campsites

Looking at the map, I am getting close to the Southern edge of Cameroon…. hmm, what comes next?


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