Masai Mara National Park Part 2

In the afternoon we roam to the Southern boundary of the park, and actually cross a post marking the International border with Tanzania. I won’t be getting a stamp in my passport for today’s crossing.

masai mara tanzania 720x480

On the border with Tanzania

masai mara open plains 720x480

The open plains with wildebeest herds everywhere

masai mara jeep lone tree 720x480

The solitude and scale are hard to take in

Here in the South there are tens of thousands of Wildebeest (maybe more) in huge, huge herds, slowly grouping up to cross the river. I’m late for the migration, though there are still many animals, and my guide says a bunch did cross just yesterday. It’s a stunning sight, and the cross and hippos in the river add to the whole scene, straight out of National Geographic.

masai mara massai river crossing 720x480

The Masi river choc full of hippos

masai mara lions sleeping 720x480

Resting in the shade

masai mara lion face 720x480

Resting in the afternoon sun is a good idea

As we roam around we spot so many lion prides I stop taking photos – yes, really. There is simply so much wildlife here it’s staggering, and easily more than anywhere else I have been on the continent.

masai mara jeep view 720x480

On the high overlook

masai mara hyena 720x480

This hyena was up to no good

masai mara jackel 720x480

Jackels are always around

As the heat sets it we checkout a high overlook of the park and explore more and more remote corners, soaking in the time.

masai mara high view 720x480

Looking South into the Serengeti in Tanzania

masai mara guide 720x480

He loved the Jeep

masai mara guide closeup 720x480

My Masi guide for the day

masai mara antlers 720x480

I always forget what these guys are called

Absolutely do not miss the Masi Mara!


9 Responses

  1. Don Lusk says:

    Dan soo cool, that looks like it my be the coolest place on earth. What did it cost for a private car. It looks like you made out with the guide. Do they require a guide? What choices did you have for camping near the park?

    Don Lusk

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Don,

      There are tons of places to camp just near both main entrance gates. For me and the Jeep for 24 hours was about $85 USD, MUCH cheaper than Serengeti.
      Guide is not mandatory at all, I just splashed out because I decided it wasn’t worth driving around aimlessly to not see much… he knew exactly where to go and so it was well worth it!


      • Don Lusk says:

        Have you seen many self drive overland rental trucks? The few agencies I have found on line in Nairobi don’t seam to have as many options like I have found on previous trips from southern Africa. Any recommendations?

        Thanks again


        • Dan Grec says:

          Hi Don,

          Since leaving Southern Africa I have not seen any self-drive rental trucks. I would assure there are some in Nairobi or somewhere in Tanzania, but I don’t know for sure!


  2. Sean says:

    Hi Dan – I love following ur travels. I’m originally from Africa (now in Australia) and also a Jeep owner .
    That animal in the last pic is an Eland.
    Take care and safe travels!

  3. shiva says:

    too bad you are late for great migration

    it’s great if you can make a video on various aspects of visiting Masai mara like camping , guides..etc

    have you met any masai warrior ? make a video on their lifestyle too :)

  4. Marcus Barker says:

    Hi Dan, We are definitely looking forward to visiting the Masai Mara Reserve. We will now not be back in Nairobi until the 1st of March. Will you be around then?

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