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Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 1

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gambia, though it’s once again time to move on. Crossing back into Senegal is relatively uneventful, and I find my way to the coast in the Cassamance region. I immediately notice this area feels much different than Northern Senegal – there is a very relaxed, laid-back Rasta vibe in the air, and it’s obvious in the right season the place would be packed with tourists. Because I’m here in the rainy season I see only a few.

The region has been in flux for a long time, with talk of them wanting to break away from Senegal and form a separate country – they are so far from Dakar and separated physically by Gambia the locals feel their interests are not always considered. Because of this, many guide books, governments and online sources of information warn that the area is dangerous, to the point it’s usually the first thing that pops up when searching for information.

After talking to many locals, it’s evident that is simply not the case. Many people have lived here their entire lives and never heard a gunshot or seen any violence of any kind.
For reasons I’m only beginning to comprehend, there are a lot of different reasons parts of Africa are labeled “dangerous” when they are far from it. I have a lot to learn.

africa jeep back into senegal 720x480

Back into Senegal

africa jeep gambia 720x480

Goodbye Gambia, it’s been great!

senegal casamance child 720x480

Village Boy

senegal casamance children 720x480

Village life

senegal casamance eddys 720x480

Eddy’s Irish Pub – he gave up the busy life and lives here, stress free

senegal casamance lady in field 320x480

A lady crossing the rice fields

senegal casamance men working in field 720x480

Men working in the rice fields, plowing everything by hand

senegal casamance ruins 720x480

Ruins of old colonial buildings

senegal casamance ruins2 720x480

More colonial ruins

senegal casamance ruins3 720x480

An impressive old church

senegal casamance tree house 320x480

Beach house, a stones throw from the water

senegal casamance working 720x480

Plowing the fields

I really like it here. I think I’ll stick around a while.


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