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Moremi National Park

We have been told repeatedly the Third Bridge Campsite in Moremi National Park is a must-see, so despite the $50USD EACH camping fee, we go ahead and book and set out for the National Park.

We want to enter the park the minute it opens, so we wild camp in a gravel pit not far from the gate. In the early evening I’m sitting outside working on my laptop and hear animals in the nearby trees. Unsure what they are I’m ready to bail into the Jeep when I realize a herd of elephants is walking along the rim of the gravel put less than a hundred yards from me. In the fading light I can only make out their silhouette, though the experience is still spine-tingling.
We wake in the night to hear what we can only assume are lions panting and breathing heavily.  WHOA!

camping near moremi 720x480

Wildcamping just near Moremi

jeep camping gravel pit 720x480

Wildcamping in a gravel pit where the elephants walked past

As always on “game days” we’re up and moving before dawn, and by 7am our eyes are hanging out of our heads and we’re wishing for more coffee. After bumping along sandy tracks on the advice of the ranger at the gate, I’m stunned when I stop in a clearing to look at a few random animals and see a couple of huge male lions sunning themselves less than a hundred yards away.

moremi male lion 720x480

Male lions keeping an eye on things

Zebras, wildebeest and other critter wander by restlessly in the background, though apparently they have no choice than to get close(wish) to the Lions. I suspect they’re not hungry, neither of them so much as moves a foot. After enjoying the spectacle for a long time we move off, and less than a hundred meters away I have to actually drive off the dirt track to avoid two female lions sunning themselves.

moremi female lion 720x480

Keeping an eye on me

moremi female lion 2 720x480

Lazing in the morning sunshine

Again they have setup right on the edge of a clearing and are closely watching the herds of animals walking by in the morning sunshine. I have been told repeatedly as long as we stay in the Jeep the lions will completely ignore us, and it appears to be true. They barely even glance in our direction even though we are less than twenty feet from them. Even with the window down they apparently can’t smell us, or don’t care.

moremi zebra 720x480

This zebra did not care about the Jeep at all

moremi cool antelers 320x480

These antlers are cooool

I kill the Jeep and we spend well over an hour watching their every move. It’s fascinating to realize they are just like house cats. From time to time they roll over, yawn and basically spend their time half asleep. I am staggered by how big they are – maybe similar to the absolute biggest dog I have ever seen.

Spectacular does not do the experience justice!

moremi giraffe 720x480

Curious, and dopey looking

moremi giraffe spots 720x480

The pattern on this giraffe is awesome

moreemi hippo pool 720x480

Hippo Pool

Over the two days we drive up, down, left and right covering as much ground as possible. We see countless animals of all shapes and sizes and I take a few hundred photos in a few hours!

Moremi is spectacular, and I completely agree it’s a must-visit in Botswana!

moremi sunset 720x480

Sunset in Moremi


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  1. Peter Connan says:

    Lovely lion sightings Dan

    Have you guys had much rain? There have been a number of reports of heavy rain in various parts of Botswana the last week or so.

    Hope the area keeps treating you royally.

  1. March 12, 2018

    […] links below has a ton more photos, or click any photo to see more. First in Moremi National Park: Moremi National Park | The Road Chose Me And then in the Okavango Delta: The Okavango Delta | The Road Chose Me And now in the Central […]

  2. March 12, 2018

    […] links below has a ton more photos, or click any photo to see more. First in Moremi National Park: Moremi National Park | The Road Chose Me And then in the Okavango Delta: The Okavango Delta | The Road Chose Me And now in the Central […]

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