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Gcwihaba Caves

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999 Days Around Africa: The Road Chose Me

South of Tsodilo we turn off the highway onto an extremely small sandy track that we follow for hour after hour before finally arriving at the Gcwihaba Caves. These caves are undeveloped and remote, and boast a North and South entrance. Rumor has it seriously adventurous people can actually get from one to the other underground, so I am immediately chomping at the bit.

jeep elephant bone 720x480

Elephant bone. They’re big!

gcwihaba cave entrance 720x480

The entrance to the cave system

We bring headlamps, lighters, cameras and LED lights and venture into the cave. The formations are extremely impressive, and there are multiple caverns, corners and areas to explore. After a ton of false starts we venture deep into the cave system from one end, almost crawling on our bellies and squeezing between rock.

gcwihaba alien like formation 320x480

Huge alien-like formation

gcwihaba growing formation 720x480

Large stalagmite

Before long it is extremely dark and silent, and the going only gets harder. I climb down a tricky section and realize how revolting all the rock and sandy bottom are thanks to the thousands of bats that call the system home. The going gets too adventurous for me, and so we turn back before checking out the other entrance.

gcwihaba formation 320x480

Many formations

gcwihaba stalactite 720x480

Stalactites galore

Again it’s impressive, and we walk a huge circle loop underground eventually popping out at the same entrance. More than a few times enormous bats come face to face with us to add to the eerie feeling.

We’re happy to be out it beaming sunshine again and find a fantastic place to camp on the road back.

The caves are remote and well worth a look for anyone is a strong 4×4 that can battle the sand.

jeep wildcamping botswana 720x480

Just another wild camp

egg breakfast 720x480

Egg, tomato and lettuce wraps have become my breakfast favorite


P.S. You can absolutely drive yourself into the caves and explore. The road is sandy and narrow, and you want 4×4.
At the time of my visit they’re building a visitors center and entrance gate, I assume you will have to pay entrance fees in the future.

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