Marula Lodge & South Luangwa National Park Pt. 2

Our days at Marula Lodge turn into a familiar pattern. We’re up before the sun and on the lookout for elephants around the lodge as we walk over for a quick coffee and snack before heading into the National Park to spot critters. In the afternoons we relax at the lodge, and watch as the herds of elephants wander right past our cabin and the dining area.

south luangwa bush pigs 720x480

A family of bush pigs – a very rare sighting

south luangwa croc camo 720x480

A nile croc working on his camo skills

south luangwa elephants fighting 720x480

These elephants tussled for over half an hour

south luangwa emily photograph elephant 720x480

Em photographing the elephants – we get a lot closer than this!

south luangwa hippos 720x480

Hippos catching some afternoon sun – notice they have the little ones protected

south luangwa hyena antlers 720x480

A hyena gnawing on some discarded antlers

south luangwa hyena road 720x480

This hyena walked along the road and ignored us

south luangwa leopard camo 720x480

My first leopard sighting!!! Talk about camouflage

south luangwa lion cub 720x480

Little clumsy lion cub we watched for thirty minutes

south luangwa lion cub feeding 720x480

Lion cub feeding

south luangwa lion safari 720x480

The big male lion nearby. You can see how close we get

Before sunset we again load up and look for more wildlife.
Again we spot many more animals that when we venture out alone, and immediately declare this is the way to experience African National Parks!

south luangwa civit 720x480

A civit in the wild!

south luangwa genet 720x480

A tiny Genet out hunting at night

south luangwa leopard night 720x480

Another leopard! his head and shoulders are HUGE – way bigger than a lion

south luangwa leopard night yawn 720x480

Massive yawn before a stretch

south luangwa sunset 720x480

Sunset over the luangwa river

Marula Lodge is a great place to stay and a great affordable way to experience the best of African big game viewing!

Zambia has been so much more than I was expecting. Extremely friendly people, wild places and stunning wildlife. It would be easy to spend three months here, though now it’s time to explore Malawi!


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  1. kelly m says:

    It has been great following you. My daughter and I (we are from Calgary) just missed you by a few days. South Luangwa and Zambia certainly is spectacular, one of my favourite places in the world! and can’t wait to go back. You sir, are living the dream. happy travels !

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