Marula Lodge & South Luangwa National Park Pt. 1

In order to experience South Luangwa National Park in the best way possible, we decide to treat ourselves to some luxury and book in at Marula Lodge, right on the banks of the beautiful Luangwa River.

marula lodge parking rules 720x480

Point 1 and 2 are my favorite!

marula lodge rules 320x480

Number 4 makes me smile!

south luangwa nile crocodiles 720x480

Nile Crocodiles in the river

south luangwa marula lodge snack 720x480

Snack time with the wildlife!

emily elephant 720x480

Em and an elephant on foot – we were close!

This lodge is one of the few (only?) to have a backpacker dorm – so it’s affordable for regular people like us who want to experience the park in the best way possible. Right from the get-go we’re warned about the elephants that wander right through the grounds, and we are not disappointed. Day after day the elephants walk through and we are always on our toes around them.

south luangwa elephants at river 720x480

Elephants checking out the river

elephants crossing river 720x480

Elephant family crossing the river to walk through town

Each morning we’re up before sunrise for a game drive into the park, and after lazing around during the heat of the day we’re back out at dusk to see more critters. It’s clear the staff here know their stuff – we immediately see ten times more wildlife than we have ever seen anywhere in Africa, and we get extremely close to everything.

south luangwa hippo on road 720x480

Casually crossing the road

south luangwa hippo showdown 720x480

He was looking for a stare down, but thought better of challenging the vehicle!

south luangwa lion walking 720x480

This guy is well known and has a name

south luangwa lion profile 720x480

His battle scars are impressive

south luangwa lion drinking 720x480

Getting a drink

In the past we have spent hours and hours driving around aimlessly, where-as these drivers know exactly where to go to find the good stuff! When we do spot lions, leopards and other special critters the drivers even know them by name, and are not at all surprised to find them where we do.

hippos chasing lions 720x405

The lion wanted a drink, the hippos thought otherwise. So much for king of the jungle

south luangwa lioness 720x480

Keeping a close eye out

A highlight comes in the form of a walking tour, where we go on foot into the National Park. From ground level we see zebras, giraffe, elegant and even a lioness! She stares intently at us, though the guides assure us we’re in no danger. It’s essentially unheard of for a lion to attack a group of people, and I can see they are not worried in the least!
My heart races anyway!

south luangwa hiking guide rifle 720x480

Our walking guide with rifle for protection

south luangwa walking tour lioness 720x480

The lioness spotted us long before we saw her. I felt like she was stalking us!

There are a LOT of photos to show you from this magical experience.

south luangwa lions mating 720x480

The guides said the lions will do this every 20 minutes for four days straight!

south luangwa lions resting 720x480

The big guy resting!

If you’re ever in the region, I highly recommend staying at Marula Lodge – –  and their drives into the National Park!


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