Etosha National Park

No visit to Namibia would be complete without a stop in the extremely famous Etosha National Park. It’s one of the oldest parks in all of Africa, and the wildlife viewing opportunities are spectacular.

large animal etosha 720x480

Very cool antlers

wilderbeast 720x480

Wildebeest lying around

The park is a massive expanse with a few waterholes where visitors converge. Throughout the day and night basically all the animals walk straight into the water, desperate to escape the blistering heat.

We’re lucky to see a massive herd of elephants stomp in from far in the distance, and I’m amazed to see the sheer joy of the younger ones when they get close. Unable to contain themselves they break free from the park and charge full-steam into the water, scattering all the other animals. They play and drink for almost an hour before moving off, giving access to the other animals that have been waiting patiently at a polite distance.

elephant herd approaching 1 720x480

Herd in the distance

elephant herd approaching 2 720x480

Here comes the herd!

elephant splashing water 720x480

Splashing water is pure joy

elephant joy 720x480

The joy is clear to see

Watching a giraffe bend down to drink is hilarious, and at night we see three rhinos play fighting and snorting loudly. At the final watering hole we catch sight of a few female lions on the far edge of the water, and even from such a huge distance it’s clear how massive they are.

giraffe drinking 720x480

When drinking they look ridiculous

giraffe face 720x480

Up close they have dopey faces

Years ago I set my sights on Namibia, Etosha especially, and I am ecstatic to have finally made it!

two girrafes at sunset 320x480

Twin Giraffes

two elephants meeting 720x480

Fighting or playing?

etosha watering hole 720x480

Sunset over the watering hole

giraffe sunset 720x480

Sunset giraffe


11 Responses

  1. Julian Schurman says:

    The BFG KO2 has recently been released in the 285/75r17 size what are your thoughts on that size for your Jeep, it would be a interesting comparison to the 34×10.5r17 while in Africa.

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Julian,

      That’s very interesting! It would be great to get some side-by-side photos of the two.
      I’m sure they’d be great on a JK!


      • Julian Schurman says:

        Is that size something you would consider changing to once your 34×10.5r17 tires wear out. On the 17×7.5 mopar winter steel wheels they would be .9 inches wider and .4 inches taller and significantly cheaper in the U.S.A. Also how much clearance do you have lock to lock, would you have to get spacers?

        • Dan Grec says:


          It’s a size I would consider for sure. The extra height would be great, but the extra width may be a problem.
          On the front I could just put washers in the steering stops so it doesn’t rub, but on the rear there is less than .5 inches from the sidewall to the lower control arm… so without spacers I think those tires would be very, very close to that control arm on the winter wheels.
          Probably no way to know for sure without trying it.
          Let me know if you do!

  2. Julian Schurman says:

    Looks like you would need some Black Rock 937787155 TYPE 8P SERIES 937 steel wheels;17×8 with 5.5 inch backspacing instead of your wheels 17×7.5 with 6.112 inch backspacing to make the 285/75r17 KO2 tire work . Cheaper tires + selling old wheel/tire setup might pay for a significant part of the new wheels cost, but do you think that the logistics of getting the new wheels, mounting/balancing the new tire/wheel setup and selling the old setup would be a reasonable task while traveling in Africa.

  3. Julian Schurman says:

    My ideal set up would be a 17×7 custom Stockton wheel with a 5 inch backspace, a 265/85r17(34.75×10.75r17)E load rated tire and a 3.5 inch lift. That tire size dose not exist yet so I have petitioned BFG to make the K02 and the upcomming KM3 in that size and load rating. For me the 285/75r17 on a 17×8 with 5.5 inches of backspacing and a 3 inch lift is the next best setup.
    -Thanks for the conversation Dan

  4. Alejandro says:

    Incredible, just incredible Dan congratulations! Since the first moment you mention the expedition on your blog, this is what I was hoping for, awesome! The first stretch on the trip was very interesting on the “people” side, it changed a lot my view of western African countries. But this kind of wild Africa that you are experiencing right now is what naturally most of us think immediately when the word “Africa” is mentioned. I’m really exited for what’s to come. Safe Travels!

  5. Dan says:

    Wow Dan Im glad the jeep is still treating you well. Coming on here to view your progress is such a treat. The wildlife omg! Life is so precious! Then the story about the guy on his pedal bike, that amazes me, the self challenge! Dan do you have a gofundme page or something, I would like to buy your next tank of fuel or something? God speed!

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Dan,

      Thanks for all the kind words and support! You are right Olivier is an inspiration to us all!

      I don’t have a gofundme, but soon I will have my first book published, and I’m also working on getting some stickers, patches and other goodies for sale. Details will be here on the site when it’s all ready to go.


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