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King’s Throne Hike – Kluane National Park

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One beautiful sunny weekend we decide to tackle the King’s Throne hike in Kluane National Park.
King’s Throne is a 10km trail with 1250 meters (4000 feet) of elevation gain. Yes, you read that right, it basically goes straight up simple smile

kings throne kathleen lake 720x480

Kathleen Lake visible on the climb

At first the trail follows the shore of Kathleen Lake before striking off in an uphill manner…

kings throne 720x480

The actual throne in question

Then it gradually flattens out and after a few hours we’re at the throne itself – a very large flat area about 2/3 of the way up the mountain, which gives spectacular views over the lake.

kings throne heather 320x480

Heather powering up the steep path above the actual throne

From the throne the trail gets seriously steep, continuing up and up towards the summit.
Everyone else turns back, but I can’t help myself and push higher and higher, as the trail gets narrower and narrower.

The trail gets so small, and so slippery with loose rock there are more than a few times I’m actually scared. Add gale force winds to that and I start to wonder what I’m doing. Putting on my wind proof jacket is quite the challenge, I worry it’s going to lift me off the ground when the wind catches it like a parachute.

kings throne summit 720x480

The view of Kathleen Lake from the summit of King’s Throne

The view from the top is breathtaking, absolutely making the uphill grind worthwhile. I’m told that on extremely clear days it’s possible to see the enormous mountains deep in the heart of Kluane National Park, though clouds have rolled in by the time I get to the top, so I can’t see too far into the park.

kings throne summit dan 720x480

On the top of King’s Throne, with extremely strong wind

I’ll have to go back.


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  1. James says:

    your a beast, looks like a fun climb!

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