Bryce National Park

Driving west now is the order of the day and I make brief stops at Needles Overlook, Natural Bridges & Capitol Reef National Park on my way across Utah. Maybe I’m driving too far each day or maybe I’ve seen too many amazing rock formations lately; whatever the reason, none of those stand out as anything too special.

Bryce National Park is a completely different story. I chat to a really cool ranger at the visitors center who quickly realizes I’m the no-nonsense, no-frills kind of visit. She recommends a couple of solid day hikes for me, the first with amazing scenery and tons of people, the second is almost as impressive and has no people. I smile when the ranger realizes lack of people is a good thing for me.

bryce canyon 640x480

Looking down on Bryce Canyon

First up I hit the ‘The Figure 8′ trail, a combination of three different trails for a total of 6.4 miles of reportedly strenuous hiking (defined as steep grades with MULTIPLE elevation changes). From the very outset at Sunrise Point I am extremely impressed with Bryce Canyon & the thousands of hoodoos within. A hoodoo is a pillar of rock left behind when the canyon eroded away something like 10 million years ago. Each hoodoo is amazingly unique in size, shape and the colors that go into it’s makeup.

hoodoos and mountains 640x480

The hoodoos are freaky when compared to regular mountains

I wander down the very popular & busy Queens Garden Trail, right into the middle of some amazingly breathtaking formations. Hoodoos begin to surround me as a walk down and down, all the way to the canyon floor. It’s busy here, and it’s easy to see why – the scenery is stunning and the sun is beaming down on us.

rock color 640x480

Every one is a different blend of colors

hoodoos 360x480

More and more

I continue on to the Navajo Trail, then the steep and quiet Peekaboo Loop. The trails climb up to almost the top of the canyon then descend right back to the bottom time after time, weaving in and out of hoodoos and strange rock formations the entire time.

close hoodoo 360x480

Hoodoos close up

bryce wall street 360x480

Wall Street, Bryce Canyon

I wind up back at the Jeep for a hot lunch, then set out on The Fairyland Loop, 8 miles of again strenuous walking up and down the canyon, in and out of the hoodoos. Just as the ranger said, this trail is not quite as scenic, and the major difference is I don’t see another hiker the entire time.

through the looking glass 640x480

Through the looking glass

bryce tower bridge 640x480

The Tower Bridge at Bryce

It turns out to be a big day of hiking in beautiful sunshine and I melt in my sleeping bag after a $2 shower at the campground.

bryce vista 640x480

The vista over the canyon

bryce big hoodoods 640x480

Wall of hoodoos at Bryce


3 Responses

  1. Doris Madden says:

    Wonderful photos Dan. We have been to Bryce Canyon many years ago. We did the typical tourist views though. We hired a campervan and drove across from the West coast to Chicago. We had two young girls with us and it was heaps of fun. I check your site fequently and am enjoying the journey with you. I imagine Julie and Geoff are settled into NY. Cheers. Doris in Australia (beginning to get sunny here now)

    • Dan says:

      Great to hear from you Doris! It’s awesome to hear about your adventure & I’m glad you are enjoying my current one. Mum & Dad are doing just great, loving NY and living it up.

  2. Jen says:

    Wow! I love the pics of this national park. So cool. A place we will have to visit one day.

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