Haines Pass Camping

For a four day weekend a bunch of us race out a setup camp on Haines pass – one of the beautiful mountain passes we often cross to get to Alaska.
It just so happens Haines the heli-ski capital of Alaska, and the whole area is perfect for back-country snowboarding.

setting up walltent 720x480

Setting up the walltent

our walltent 720x480

Our walltent home

Here in the North it’s extremely common to use a “wallent” for winter and fall camping. It’s basically just a big old canvas tent on a frame that has tons of space inside for people and gear. The big kicker is it has room for an entire wood stove, which is essentially when the thermometer drops well past -30C. In our case we rent the whole setup for $150 for a week, and the stove is actually a converted 44 gallon drum. Once we stuff it full at night and go to sleep, we’re toasty warm all night.

hains pass mountains 720x480

More mountains

hains pass campsite 720x480

More views from our campsite

We snowshoe, cook, drink and laugh the entire time. Lightly a big fire outside becomes interesting as the fire sinks deeper and deeper into the snow… the whole eventually winds up over 2 meters deep, and the fire goes out before we get anywhere near solid ground.

haines pass big mountains 720x480

The mountains seemed to grow when the sun hit them

dan heather snowboarding haines pass 720x480

After snowboarding down the Three Guardsmen behind us

Heather and I take our back country snowboarding gear for a rip on the near-by Three Guardmen, with lots of powder and not a single other person simple smile


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