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Million Dollar Falls Ice Fishing

All government campgrounds in Yukon are closed for the winter, and they also have identical “shelters” or “cook shacks” – which are a big wooden cabins with open windows. They always have a great roof and a BIG wood stove. With a big sheet of plastic and a little effort, these can be turned into amazing places to stay in the winter.

It’s a beautiful sunny weekend on Haines Pass as we drag our gear in the 500 meters from the highway to the shelter we call home for the three day weekend. After a couple of hours and a hundred staples or so our plastic is hanging nicely, and we’ve got a decent pile of firewood.

million dollar falls shelter winterised 720x480

The shelter we converted into our winter home

million dollar shelter icicles 720x480

Icicles on the shelter roof

It doesn’t take long at all to heat up the inside considerably, making us warm as toast as we cook our meals on the wood stove and settle in for the night.

million dollar sunset 720x480

Sunset on the mountains near Million Dollar Falls

I’ve got a hot tip on a great lake for ice fishing, so we load up in the morning and strike off for this unknown lake. A few hours later we’re standing on a beautiful lake, and set to work drilling holes through the ice. After 3 attempts, it appears the lake is extremely shallow, and we barely have any liquid water before the muddy bottom. An unlikely place to catch fish, it seems.

dan ice fishing 319x480

Drilling through the ice is hard work

heather dan ice fishing 720x480

Ice fishing is hard work

ice fishing mini camp 720x480

Our ice fishing mini camp

Somehow, it seems, I’ve taken us to the wrong lake. Maybe next time I’ll bring a map.
We play around for the day loving the sunshine, exploring and looking all around the area.

million dollar views 720x480

It’s a Million Dollar view

The feast of fish and chips we had planned turns into a mountain of chips and very little fish.
OK, if I’m being truthful, there were no fish.


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