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Amazing Angola Pt. 2

We continue to explore Angola, and again make a large detour inland, simply to explore. Each night we find somewhere to camp, and even if people are around they are more than happy to grant permission. After a round of welcome and handshakes, they are happy to leave us be.

angola jeep wild camp 720x480

Another wild camp along the way

angola sunset town 720x480

Views from up high

The Sassa Caves are absolutely enormous, and packed with thousands and thousands of bats. A couple of young boys are killing the bats and taking them home to eat. Unfortunately, eating bats is one of the major ways to catch Ebola, though they look hungry enough to not care.

sassa caves angola dan entrance 720x480

In front of the mighty entrance

sassa caves angola child bat 320x480

A kid collecting bats to eat

sassa caves angola stalactite 320x480

In places there are spectacular stalactites

After stopping at a small church punched high on a hillside we are granted permission to camp, and at another spot near farmland I take the chance to do yet another tire rotation on the Jeep. Reversing in I catch a tree stump with the front mud flap, and proceed to almost tear of another fender.
At least the two on the front match now – covered in gorilla tape and held on with zip ties.

angola jeep tire rotation 720x480

Taking the chance for a tire rotation. Everything looks good

Time is flying, and I want to stay longer! I am already certain I will extend my Angolan visa.

angola church camping 720x480

Camping at a hill top church provides amazing views


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