Amazing Angola Pt. 1

Moving South we detour into the mountains, simply to look around and explore.

angola jeep rocks 320x480

Posing in front of the beautiful rocks

jeep angola camping 720x480

Another magic campsite – elevated for a slight breeze

Every morning we are greeted with a spectacular sunrise before meeting friendly people and seeing beautiful places. In the evening we find out-of-the-way wild camping and enjoy the evenings with very little humidity. The dense jungle has given way to forest, and I am excited to see when the desert will begin again, something I have thought about for almost twelve months now.

angola mountains 720x480

The mountains and greenery are endless

jeep angola campsite 720x480

Sunset views continue to be spectacular

Further from the capital, signs of the civil war are more evident, with destroyed bridges, bullet holes in buildings and even a disabled Russian tank sitting on the side of the road. The huge tank is in surprisingly good condition.

angola beach 720x480

The beaches continue to be stunning

angola tank dan 720x480

Sitting on the tank

Angola and it’s people continue to impress. I think I will stick around for a while!

angola russian tank jeep 720x480

From this angle the Jeep looks as big as the tank. It is not even close!


3 Responses

  1. Ken SL says:

    There are more mountains in that region than I thought. Is it making navigating roads (vs desert) more difficult? Glad you’ve been able to score these beautiful camp sites. Are the bugs bad?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hey Ken,

      Me too, I had no idea the mountains in Angola were this big! I have Open Street maps on my gps and it has every single track, road and walking trail, so nav is not a problem.
      Thankfully, there are virtually no bugs in Angola..


  2. JP says:

    Fantastic pictures. You make me want to go there. Maybe after South America. Thanks for sharing.

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