Zanzibar Part 3 – Norhtern Nungwi and Eastern Paje

We want to explore as much of the island as possible, so we jump in a local transport truck and venture to Nungwi, in the extreme North. This is beach paradise, and it’s easy to love. There are plenty of people from all over the world loving life on the beach, and tons of activities on offer.

zanzibar dan beach 720x480

Everyone else was doing it, so I wanted to join the fun!

zanzibar dan nungwi 720x480

On he beach in Nungwi

One morning we jump on a boat to go snorkeling at a nearby island that is a nature reserve. On the way we spot a huge pod of dolphins, and so we jump into the water repeatedly to check them out. I’m impressed how fast they can swim, and twice they surface all around me – a surreal experience. The snorkeling is fantastic, and we reward ourselves with an afternoon relaxing on the beach.

zanzibar nungwi emily boat 720x480

Em on the boat out to the dolphins

We use the local transport to move back down to Stonetown, then across to the far eastern side of the island at Paje. Here we rent a scooter for a day and zip all over. Highlights are the multiple beaches, and when a Policeman tries to bribe us for not both wearing helmets. He holds onto my license while I push the scooter all the way back into town. Here the rental guy rolls his eyes and jumps on the scooter to go and get my license back. I notice he is not wearing a helmet, though he returns in less than five minutes and says everything is fine and that I should continue riding it. OK.

zanzibar paje beach dan 720x480

On the scorching hot beach in Paje in the East

zanzibar paje beach guy with shells 720x480

This guy was getting the creatures out of these beautiful shells

zanzibar paje dan gril 720x480

Playing with a local girl

zanzibar paje the rock restaurant 720x480

The Rock Restaurant in Paje – they almost wouldn’t let me in with my beard and hair, and the prices were astronomical!

We finish up our stay with a visit to Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, home of the native red Colobus Monkey. These guys are extremely unique – unlike anything I have seen before. They are obviously used to people staring at them, and are not skittish in the least. The whole tour through the National Park is great, and a nice way to end our time on the island.

zanzibar red colobus monkey 320x480

These little guys are the Red Colobus Monkey, native to Zanzibar and now protected

zanzibar red colobus monkey face 720x480

Red Colobus Monkey being all majestic

zanzibar red colobus monkey sitting 320x480

…and lazy too

For anyone thinking about it, do not miss a trip out to Zanzibar – it really is tropical paradise!


All photos in this post taken by Emily –

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