Zanzibar Part 2 – Spice Tour and Prison Island

We head into the center of the island for a tour around a huge spice plantation. Over an entire morning we see, cut open and sample more different spices and tropical fruits than I even knew existed! Each is unique in the way it is grown, harvested and eventually used for cooking. At the end of the tour we sample all the fruits, all of which are super fresh and downright delicious!

zanzibar spice star fruit 720x480

Aptly named star fruit

zanzibar spice spikey ball 720x480

I like this spikey ball fruit

zanzibar spice red stuff 720x480

This red stuff was used for lipstick and makeup

zanzibar spice pepper 320x480

This is pepper!

zanzibar spice inside 720x480

All the spices are bursting with flavor

zanzibar spice inside fruit 720x480

Inside one of the large fruits

zanzibar spice getting bark 320x480

Cutting the bark off a tree to sample

zanzibar spice fruits 320x480

Another something

zanzibar spice fruit 720x480

Something tropical

zanzibar spice cloves 720x480

These are cloves – I had no idea they grow like this on a big tree

zanzibar spice dan emily ready for work 720x480

Our guide made as some presents. This is the first time I have worn a tie in longer than I care to remember!

In the afternoon we hop aboard a small boat and cruise out to Slave Island, not far from the big island. The highlight here is the giant tortoises, which defy belief. They are absolutely enormous, and very passive. Our guide shows us just how they like to be rubbed, and we feed them many green leaves.

zanzibar prison island giant tortoise eating 720x480

He has some teeth!

zanzibar prison island giant tortoise emily 720x480

Em feeding the tortoise

zanzibar prison island giant tortoise dan 720x480

Rubbing the tortoise just the right way makes them stand up

Before heading back we wander the island, then jump in the water for a snorkel on top of the nearby reef. There are a huge amount of coral and tropical fish on display, and with the water temperate right near body temperature, there can be no mistaking we’re in paradise!

znazibar boat to prizon island 720x480

The boat ride to Prison Island

zanzibar prison island paradise 720x480

The view from the dock at Slave Island


All photos in this post taken by Emily –

4 Responses

  1. Wesley says:

    Wow, amazing photos, it looks so beautiful! For the spices, do they export them or primarily use them in their community? How’s the local cuisine affected by the diversity and availability of these spices?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Wesley,

      Zanzibar is a massive exporter of all kinds of spices – it’s a big business.
      The local cuisine is simply delicious – absolutely bursting with flavor and subtle spices. I could live here eating street food for a very long time and be a happy person!


  2. Leo says:

    Hi Dan,

    The fruit that is cut into two and captioned ‘another something’ are the same, its cocoa. The whole world needs them to produce chocolate. Spiky big fruit captioned ‘something tropical’ is Jak, delicious when ripe or can be cooked in raw of our favourites in Sri Lanka.

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