Around Kilimanjaro

Back in Dar Es Salaam the Jeep is perfectly safe and sound, and I take the opportunity to perform yet another round of maintenance while I’m in such a well-stocked big city. A routine engine oil change and tire rotation kick things off, and while I’m in there I clean the air filter, grease a few things and check everything over. While driving into the city I noticed a legitimate Jeep dealer, though as much as I rack my brain, I can’t think of anything I need.

jeep beach camp dar 720x480

Beach side camping just outside Dar Es Salaam

Well stocked and ready to go, I strike out North along the coast before turning inland aiming directly for the mighty Kilimanjaro mountain. At 19,341 ft. it’s by far the highest mountain on the continent, and even boasts a glacier that I see clearly. Long ago when I dreamed of Africa, I dreamed of a summit attempt on Kilimanjaro, though things have changed since then. By the time park and mandatory guide and porter fees are paid a bare-bones hike starts at $2000USD – a lot more than an entire month of my budget. The cost of tourism activities in this part of Africa is extreme, and so I have decided to pick and choose what I will see and do, and what I will pass on.

jeep kilimanjaro 720x480

Seen from the Southern side there is more ice/snow on Kilimanjaro

I feel good about the decision because when I really think about it, I didn’t come to Africa to climb mountains and to see glaciers – I did all that in South America, and I live in the Yukon so I certainly don’t feel the need to pay over $2000 USD to do what I can do on virtually any weekend I choose.

The same goes for a visit to The Serengeti National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater National Park. Because the Jeep has foreign plates the cost of entry just for it is $200USD per day, then on top I have to pay for myself and camping.
Given I have already seen thousands of large African animals – often with not another soul in sight – I simply can’t justify the price and decide to also give them both a miss.

jeep kilimanjaro close up 720x480

My wild camp on the Northern side of Kilimanjaro

dan jeep kilimanjaro camp 720x480

Feeling exactly like countless nights in South America

Knowing I won’t get to climb Kili, I drive right around the base of the mountain, appreciating it from all sides. I find a magical place to camp where I watch a stunning sunset and sunrise, wedged between the mountain and Kenya to the North. I spend the night camping less than a hundred yards from Kenya, and less than 3 degrees from the Equator. It’s great to look out over the plains of Kenya, though they will have to wait a little longer – I’m not going there just yet.

jeep wildcamp kilimanjaro 720x480

An unused gravel pit – every Overlanders favorite wild camp

Not far to the West of Kili I make my way to Chemka Hot Springs, which I have been told are simply stunning. It turns out they are not hot at all – but maybe even better. Extremely clear and refreshing water pours from the earth into a huge natural swimming area, complete with trees to jump off and a swing rope. It’s a scorching hot day and so lazing about in the fresh water is the perfect way to spend the afternoon.

chemka spring pool swing rope 720x480

Chemka Spring main pool with swing rope

chemka spring pool 720x480

The main swimming area of Chemka Spring is stunning

Tanzania is enormous, and I finally feel like I’m starting to get the feel of the place.


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