The Sani Pass

The Sani pass is clearly the most famous mountain pass between Lesotho and South Africa. It’s an extremely impressive road that is solidly steep and drops a lot of elevation in a very short time.

highest pup in africa 720x480

The highest pub is right on the top!

sani pass steep 720x480

From directly above it’s very steep

Of course, the first vehicle ever to drive it was a Jeep simple smile

sani pass rocky 720x189

The rocky mountains are stunning

To make the most we hike around the whole area so we can appreciate it from every angle. It really is stunning and a solid piece of road building.

sani pass full pano 720x250

Sani Pass in all it’s glory

After dropping down we pass through South African Immigration which is a non-event. In less than 30 seconds we have new entrance stamps, and again I don’t have to do anything at Customs for the Jeep because of the 6 month Temp Import Permit I still have.

sani pass looking down 720x480

The switchbacks are tight and close together

sani pass from above 720x480

The road stretches way down into the valley

jeep on sani pass 720x323

The Jeep on Sani Pass

After 633 miles in Lesotho, we ow have all of South Africa to explore!


4 Responses

  1. Steve says:


    Is this doable in 2×4? Opinions seem to vary on the internet, but it looks rather simple in the videos I checked.


    • Dan Grec says:

      Hi Steve,

      Yeah, I think you could. I was in low range mostly just because I wanted to go slower.. some of the rocky bits are bumpy and with my weight it pays to go slow. Traction was not an issue.
      I hear in the winter it can get seriously nasty ice, so I wouldn’t try it then!


  2. John says:

    Great photos Dan, especially loved the videos you take of your fellow overlanders! Keep up the great work of inspiring others to take pursuit their dreams!

    Have you considered visiting any humanitarian projects while you are in Africa or highlighting the different foundations and orphanages and their work?

    • Dan Grec says:

      Thanks John!

      Absolutely humanitarian projects is something I think about, though it’s so overwhelming because there are so man, and it would be impossible to highlight some and then leave others in the cold.

      It’s something I struggle with.


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