The Dempster Highway Fall

Heather and I race North for a week on the Dempster Highway in early fall. We’re on the lookout for Caribou and moose, though we’re really just using that as an excuse for an awesome camping / exploring trip.

dempster weather 720x480

The weather rolls through every 30 minutes

dempster rusty weather 720x480

Rusty enjoying the view

My $450 Subaru – called Rusty – is the perfect vehicle for the job. Great mileage means we don’t even need to detour into Dawson City for gas, and we drive Whitehorse -> Engineer Creek Campground on the first day. After that we setup home at the Rock Creek Campground, a few kilometers South of the Arctic Circle, and make daily trips further North, hiking to everything that looks interesting.

dempster fall 720x480

The Dempster winds through the mountains

dempster highway onwards 720x480

Onwards, Northwards

dempster mountains 720x480

The scenery is hard to take in

Each morning we’re greeted by blue skies and a fresh dusting of snow. Overnight temperatures hover around -5C to -10C.

dempster range 720x480

Every morning we were greeted by a fresh dusting of snow

dempster rusty mud 720x480

Rusty becoming one with the Dempster

dempster mountains snow 720x480

Gorgeous snow covered mini mountain range

We repeatedly hike into the distance as far as we can see, exploring the beautiful landscape as much as looking for elusive Caribou.

dempster arctic circle dan 720x480

The mighty Arctic Circle

dempster arctic circle rusty 720x480

Rusty conquers all

The Dempster Highway is a spectacular road with an enormous amount of exploring to be done right off the road.
One day I’ll continue where I left off.


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