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Takhini Days 2

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Another summer rolls around and we find ourselves paddling on the Takhini River again. Mis, Kristine and Fergus (the dog) are in one craft, while Heather and I are in a canoe. My canoeing skills have no improved much – especially in the box – so zig zagging and taking the long route is the order of the day.

mis kristine 720x480

Mis, Kristine and Fergus in their inflatable kayak-thing

The sun shines and we all laugh and splash as we carefully pick our way through the rock garden which has a lot of exposed rocks now as the water level is low.

dan mis takhini 720x480

Posing for pics on the Takhini

At the jaws we debate for a long time on exactly what course we should take, and in the end Heather and I paddle through. We take the absolute most sneaky inside line possible, and we stay upright and dry without incident.

heather takhini 720x480

Heather on the Takhini

dan takhini 720x480

On the banks of the Takhini

It’s another amazing day on the water, one I won’t soon forget.


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