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Takhini Days

It became clear quickly that I need to improve my Whitewater skills, and I need to improve them now. Still undecided on my craft of choice, I find myself spending more and more time in Brett’s little whitewater tripping kayak. It seems to do everything I want, and I manage to keep it upright more often than not. I continually repeat to myself “Kayaking is a power-on sport”.

About 45 minutes from town in the Takhini River, with turquoise water and amazing mountain scenery.  The river is very sleepy, except for one rapid called “The Jaws”, where the river constricts as it flows around a corner and over many large submerged boulders, creating a large wave train. Class 2 is a fair assessment. Despite the name, it’s actually a great learning rapid. It has a really easy portage route on shore, so it’s easy to walk back and run the rapid time and time again, and directly below the rapid there are large eddies on both shorelines to catch any swimmers and gear. It’s also a common hang out spot, and on more than one occasion we encounter fellow paddlers who have lit a fire to warm any swimmers.

Many a sunny weekend is spent on the Takhini, enjoying the amazing views, and attacking the waves in The Jaws for practice.

takhini river lone kayak 640x480

Lone kayak on the Takhini River

takhini rvier into the jaws 640x480

Entering the Jaws

takhini river jaws 640x480

The Approach to The Jaws

takhini jaws dan 640x480

Dan in the thick of the Jaws

takhini jaws canoe 640x480

Hitting the waves (they swam)

dan takhini river 639x480

On the Takhini River


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