The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit Days 5 & 6

(This story begins here: The Cordillera Huayhuash Circuit Days 1 & 2)

Day 5 – 500 meter ascent / 400 meter decent / xx km / 5 hrs
Very low cloud & overcast in morning, away at 7am. Cruise up to pass (Portachuelo de Huayhuash, 4750m), snowing at top and quickly very cold. Arrive at hotsprings at 12, light rain. Soak all afternoon, then explore. LOTS of hot water around. Nighttime soak. Into bed very warm.
Short, easy day.

cloudy start 640x480

Cloudy start in the morning

hotsprings campsite 640x480

The campsite at the Huayhuash hotsprings

huayhuash hotsprings 360x480

The Huayhuash hotsprings

hot water everywhere 360x480

Tons of hot water in valley

Day 6 – 525 meter ascent / 500 meter decent / xx km / 5 hrs
Almost all blue sky at 6am – move! On trail at 7.10am. Slow and steady to Punta Cuyoc (5000m), highest on trail. Feel much better. Pack lighter, moving very well. Only short rests now. View from top amazing, a little cloudy. Cut day short, camp ready to hike to Mirador San Antonio first thing.
Again very short, easy day. I feel good.
Camping alone. Solitude is BIG here.

cuyoc 640x480

Extremely close to Cuyoc

dan punta cuyoc 640x480

Up hight on Punta Cutoc (5000m)

camping under cuyoc 640x480

Solitary camping under Cuyoc

guanacpatay valley 640x480

The Guanacpatay valley, where I camped


5 Responses

  1. Jim K in PA says:

    Dan, I am not sure how you are going to pull yourself away from this place, because I would surely have a hard time leaving such beauty. Then again, the call of “what’s next” is tough to resist too . . .

    Jim K

  2. Colin L says:

    Dan…what a man!
    I am so impressed with your positive attitude to all that you do.
    One question – how are you accessing your blog site way out/up there in the Andes??

    • Dan says:

      Hey Colin, thanks for the great feedback.
      Well, truth be told, I finished that hiking trip a few days ago, moved into town, typed it all up and uploaded the story and all the photos.
      There is an internet cafe in pretty much every town, especially one that tourists go to.

  3. Matt says:

    You are truly on an adventure of a lifetime – I hope to do something similar some day! Keep us posted and stay safe!

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