The road chose me Going where others don't dare

The jungle is really thick here 12

Into Guinea-Bissau

A quick stop in Ziguinchor, the regional Cassamance capital, nets me a one month visa for Guinea-Bissau, and I immediately head South to the border, less than a hundred miles away. Leaving Senegal is...

The mighty Boabab at sunset 10

Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 2

I’m having a fantastic time hanging out in beach side paradise in the Cassamance region. It’s hard to leave! Due to my hopeless organization I’ve hit the middle of the rainy season – each...

Eddy's Irish Pub - he gave up the busy life and lives here, stress free 2

Southern Senegal – Casamance Part 1

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Gambia, though it’s once again time to move on. Crossing back into Senegal is relatively uneventful, and I find my way to the coast in the Cassamance...

Military on parade

Gambia Street Celebration

Out of pure luck I’m in Banjul for a massive celebration, a great chance to get out on the streets. People are bursting with happiness and pride, and even the Police are happy to...

I thought this looked very Jurassic Park 8

Around Banjul

I’m told the road on the South bank of the mighty Gambia River is under construction and to expect huge delays, so I opt not to catch the small ferry across at either Georgetown...

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